Scorpion Life Simulator 3D

Life Of Venom Scorpion
Live the life of wild scorpion in the tropical forest filled with gaint plants, trees, and carnivores. Download this game and take the control of your own wild scorpion in the most adventurous jungle. In the scorpion game you need to be a wild scorpion to battle against deadly predator like spider, lizard and snakes. To survive in the jungle find your food attack on arachnids and other insects to hunt down to finish your hunger. In this scorpion simulator game the gaint snake and venom spider will attack on you fight hard and kill them with your poison sting and squeeze with your claws. Kill your enemies and become the powerful scorpion of the jungle in this scorpion simulator 3d game.
Battle Against Vicious Jungle Predator
Fight for your life against vicious jungle predator and scorpions with the help of your clan. Hunt or be hunted. Become the most poisonous scorpion around the jungle and fight against the multiple wild animals like rat, mouse, snake, spider. Dip into the fantastic micro world, mark and defend your territory, explore the jungle and have a fun playing life of a scorpion simulator 2019 and face the danger of tropical jungle. You have to take care of your health and energy its more important because without it you will not survive for long time in this wilderness. TO maintain your health and energy catch tasty insects fight and eat in this scorpion insects simulator 2019. Earn coins to customize scorpion and power up attacks and energy. Defend your territory and fight against your enemies.
Features Of Scorpion Simulator Jungle Survival
Realistic open world wilderness of tropical jungle.
Smooth Controls of Scorpion with poison sting & powerful pinchers.
HD graphics and stunning gameplay.
Ultimate scorpion vs wild animals fighting missions.
Free to explore huge tropical jungle.
Fast and action packed insect simulator.
Get ready to survive in world of adventure with the scorpion simulator in the most broadleaf forest or tropical forest. Your enemies are ready to attack on you kill them before they hunt you. Be a most powerful and brave scorpion of the tropical jungle. Download this new scorpion simulator jungle survival 2019 and wield the sharp claws and stingers one of the most dangerous scorpion in the world.

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