Scary Police Officer 3D

Play intelligently against the most creepy personality in Scary Police Officer 3D. We know you have played with the scary games teacher and stranger characters but this is pretty different as compared to other scary games offline. Step into the horror story of creepy police officer who is acting like a clown but having real scary police officer activities. Life of being neighbor of this scary cop will be dramatized in this best of horror games. He will attack very fast so beware every moment.

All you have to do is help the player against the scary police officer and complete levels. You will get many things which will help you to fight against this creepy police officer who is act like a scary clown. You need to complete all tasks carefully without getting caught and remember you have limited time to perform against this creepy police officer. Scary police officer simulator is having not easy survival missions because this strange person will find and chase you and fighting will be start on that moments in the horror games and the real scary cop teacher. Accomplish the scary adventure tasks as your survival is much compulsory in this free game.

Story begins when you saw your neighbour is doing some stranger things and you think your neighbor is give punishment to others without any reason. You will follow the scary cop and meanwhile this creepy cop will chase and want to beat you. Just stay alert and wait for the right time as in scary cop 3d. Follow as neighbour and attack this ghost type of police officer.

Scary Police Officer 3D Features:

– Big open world type area to be discovered.
– Scary police cop neighbor with creepy acts.
– Discover many things during horror tasks.
-Multiple locations to be explored in massive house.
– Smooth controls & amazing sounds.

Start the most creepy game and survive as long as you can. Download and enjoy Scary Police Officer 3D game now and don’t forget to give us valuable suggestions for next update.

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